ALZT-OP1a treatment for PSCI

We believe that ALZT-OP1a, one of the two drugs used in our ALZT-OP1 combination therapy, also has promise as an adjuvant treatment for Post Stroke Cognitive Impairment (PSCI). We believe that ALZT-OP1a has the potential, by inhibiting mast cell migration and glial activation, to attenuate multiple triggers leading to neurodegeneration and neuronal death and to thereby slow down or possibly prevent post-ischemic cognitive decline, especially when given as early as possible post-ischemic stroke.

Our current Phase II trial, a randomized placebo controlled study with 500 subjects in 60 sites in North America, is designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of ALZT-OP1a as adjuvant treatment in subjects with PSCI. The trial will monitor several parameters to assess whether ALZT-OP1a has any measurable impact to attenuate post ischemic stroke cognitive decline and to assist in post stroke recovery. We expect to complete this study in the first quarter of 2019.