HARNESSING THE POWER OF NEURO-IMMUNOLOGY Developing novel therapies that aim to
fundamentally change neurodegenerative
disease progression by targeting neuroinflammation

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AZTherapies’ scientific approach recognizes neuroinflammation as a root cause of serious neurodegenerative disease. By shifting the brain’s own immune cells, the microglia, from an aggressive, pro-inflammatory state to a neuroprotective state, we aim to treat a broad array of serious diseases.
Our lead program is built on a multi-modal approach that seeks to stop or slow the progression of early Alzheimer’s disease. We are also advancing candidates for the treatment of post-ischemic stroke cognitive impairment, ALS, and Parkinson’s disease.
We have assembled unique, results-driven and highly engaged leadership and advisory teams to advance our pipeline, improve the lives of patients with serious neurodegenerative diseases, and build a company of exceptional value.